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Everything Design is one of the best website designing companies in India. 

Our website design approach combines strategic and creative insights with a collaborative design and development process in webflow to deliver engaging user experiences with long lasting website performance.

Our website design company is specialised in the delivery of B2B websites, brand development, website design and web development. In increasingly competitive markets our focus is on delivering value with high-performance websites, strategic insights and a pragmatic approach – giving your business and personality, character and thus a competitive edge. 

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Everything Design is a branding and web design company in India, established in Bangalore. We are specialists in the delivery of digital and design projects including b2b websites for Saas Brands and Tech Startups. 

Everything Design also works with SaaS Brands and Tech Startups for their Branding.

Our clients are a mix of SMEs and larger corporate clients, looking for creative solutions to meet their business goals. Most of our clients are based in India.

Our process starts with research, then stylescape, website strategy, copywriting, then our web designers creating wireframes of the new website structure. They will gradually increase the fidelity of the prototype to create a final design to hand to our developers.

Once the designs have been signed off, our webflow developers begin work building the new website. This can take several weeks or even months, as some web projects are extremely complex. Once the initial design work is complete, our Quality Assurance testers review the website across a range of browsers and devices. The web developers then resolve any bugs raised by the QA team before the completed project is handed over to the client. 

What types of websites do we build?

As an agency, we are platform agnostic and will recommend the most suitable platform and content management system for each client. Many of our websites are built on webflow. Webflow as it is a popular CMS that many of our clients have experience using. It has become popular because of the flexibility it provides users. Our project types include B2B tech brands, fintech brand website, manufacturing company website, insurtech company website to cyber security company websites.

We deliver custom website design and web development.

What industries do Everything Design work with?

Our clients are typically looking to improve the performance and usability of their websites and our web design team is specialised in delivering upon these objectives across a wide range of sectors. Rather than working within a single industry, we apply design and development best practice to all of our website projects and provide cross-sector insights that generate results. Our focus is however on B2B tech brand’s websites.

Examples of B2B Websites by Bangalore Web Development Company

What makes a successful web design project?

A successful website is more than an attractive design. Rather, website must act as an online business tool to help generate new leads, sales and customers. This is achieved by delivering the website alongside an SEO strategy to secure search engine rankings, and building the site with a quality code base. This strategic approach enables the business to reach their target customers and position their on-page content and copy to convert website visitors into customers.

At Everything Design our web design team maps out the user journeys before any design work starts, creating clickable prototypes around conversion design best practice.

Of course, a successful website will also have a strong and consistent brand identity, and an interactive user experience. B2B Companies need Scalable Marketing Websites.

What exactly does a website design company do?

The type of professional services that are offered varies by design company. Of the top 100 digital agencies surveyed by eConsultancy in 2018, 25% focus primarily on designing and building websites, 11% focus only on the technical aspects of digital services, 6% are purely creative agencies, and 58% are classified as full service or marketing companies.

Even in the case of full service agencies, their specialisms and offerings will vary. Sometimes it is better to engage with a web design agency that has a good track record in a single specialism than a studio that does a bit of everything to a mediocre standard.

Who uses a web design company?

A wide range of industries engage in web design services, with the largest sectors generally being fintech and financial services, followed by other SaaS and tech startups. If a company operates on the internet in any way, they can find benefits from hiring a web design company. At Everything Design we have clients from a wide range of different sectors and we have presented a fraction of these as case studies across our site.

Once a web design has been handed over, our clients add their content. Once content has been entered, the Quality Assurance testers in our team review the website for any outstanding bugs.

SEO optimization work on the site based on recommendations from the digital strategy.

Once this is complete, the project is complete and can go live

Post-launch, the majority of our clients choose to move to a retainer for ongoing website support.

This enables them to continue to innovate online.

Are you certified by webflow and a webflow expert?

Yes we are certified by webflow for web development.

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