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Last week the Marketing Head of a Corporate Banking Company reached out to us and asked us can we develop the entire website in webflow. The challenges they were facing was the main pages are build in React, blog in WordPress and FAQs in Freshdesk. Hence to make even a small change the marketing team had to depend and wait for multiple people.

From an SEO stand point since search engines consider subdomain as a different website, have a blog in wordpress was also not ideal.

Another company we worked with in the past were using Hubspot for their B2B website. And when they were going through a redesign the constraints they numbers, and finally they had to settle down for what is possible.

What is scalability means in a B2B Website Development?

A website’s scalability is defined by how efficiently it can get adapted to changing or growing business needs. Your business is going to grow and your marketing team should ideally own your website.

So when the marketing team wants to align the website based on the business goals it should be easy for them. The website should be a marketing tool, not an engineering nightmare.

Start up website design change so fast

In startups everything happens so fast. So does the changes onto the website.

Content on the website needs to be updated accordingly:

  • New services or products gets added
  • A career page is required to better attract the right candidates
  • New product features need to get introduced
  • Landing pages for campaigns have to get generated
  • Blog articles be published for better Google rankings
  • Testimonials and client logos be added to build trust and simplify sales processes

Ideally, all these changes need to be made efficiently via a simple page editor and CMS and webflow have the power to do that. We have build many websites for B2B business in webflow.

Steps to develop a scalable B2B website

  1. Define a Clear Long-Term Strategy – Understand how the sitemap can evolve in the near future and plan for it.
  2. Do Not Skip Wireframing – You should get the information architecture right before getting into visual design.
  3. Do Not Underestimate The Value of a Strong Visual Brand Identity – it will save a lot of time and your final output will look much better.
  4. When it Comes to Web Design, Think in Components – When we developed website for fortuna identity – a B2B company website we took care of this aspect from the beginning considering the scalability. We knew that many pages will get added under many sections and the team made sure there is design system in place.
  5. Take Into Consideration the Constraints and Opportunities Your Chosen CMS Offers
  6. Create Clean Code – If you hire a designer to create your website, watch out if a basic understanding of HTML and CSS exists and a clear design system gets used. If you want the website to load faster and if you don’t want the website break when you make any changes, use clean code and classes.
  7. Think About All the Different Ways Your Content or Marketing Team Might Want to Use Your CMS – Smart CMS setup -> Happy marketing team

B2B business and web development for them

If you want to turn your B2B website into your best salesman or marketing person, you need to get a lot of things right. If your services are going to be extended and is going to change, scalability is going to play a huge role.

We combine strategy, copy, and design to create high-value B2B websites.

You can see the B2B websites we have created in our agency here.

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