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Everything Design is a Web Design Company in Bangalore and this article is our pitch – essentially our way of telling you why we should be your partner to get your website designed and developed in webflow.

Your website is your most valuable marketing asset and it should act as your pitch towards the potential customers, someone who never sleeps. Now if you don’t agree with it, I don’t think you should read further.

There are so many other reasons to have a website, but if its not communicating something clearly to a website visitor, its as good as not having a website.

Yes there are a lot of things you need to consider, speed, technical SEO, marketing the website or distribution strategy, illustrations, animations etc etc. It never ends. But to get a good website up and running you need a few people and it doesn’t come cheap. If someone is offer you a cheap website I see few possible reasons.

  1. They don’t know what they are doing. It will be one person who takes a template, put something together and say, you have a website. Who will provide a service for a cheap price if they are in demand. And good teams who does website is always on demand.
  2. They are building their portfolio and need some good projects on them.
  3. They just don’t understand the value they add and don’t know how to charge for it.

Bottomline, don’t consider website as a cheap asset. If you do then it is not going to convert any visitors into customers.

There’s no perfect roadmap to bringing your brand communication on your website. It’s a delicate balance of design, content, and page structure all working together to convey your brand purpose, what you are selling, why are you relevant.

Let’s dig into the moving parts that must come together cohesively on your site and the objectives they fulfil.

What are the main components in a website design and development project?

Copywriting and Content Writing – The storytelling using words.

This is the words, the voice, and the tone that tells your brand and product story. Everything from your tagline, your homepage headline, and the content you display throughout your site is considered messaging.

You need to ensure it authentically reflects your organization’s mission and resonates with your target audience — consider this an essential part of your branding.

Visual Design

The look and feel of your brand is one of the most — if not the most — important part of your brand image. First impressions are everything.

People make snap judgments. It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person. Websites are no different.

It takes about 50 milliseconds (ms) (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they’ll stay or leave. A positive first impression can increase overall satisfaction.

A British study found that most website critiques relied on the perception of the website design, not its content.

Of all the feedback the test participants gave, 94% was about design:

  • Complex;
  • Busy layout;
  • Lack of navigation aids;
  • Boring web design;
  • Use of color;
  • Pop-up adverts;
  • Slow introductions to the site;
  • Small print;
  • Too much text;
  • Corporate look and feel;
  • Poor search capabilities

Only 6% of the feedback was about the actual content. Visual appeal and website navigation had the biggest influence on people’s first impressions of the website.

Interactions and Navigation

To keep users engaged, it’s important to carefully design the flow of your website. This means creating moments across the site that can influence people and direct them to the content they’re looking for. User flow is the path a user follows through your website interface to complete a task.

Motion, interactions, and user-friendly navigation are must-have elements of a well-designed website.

If you get these three elements right, your website will be an asset for your business.

Websites are live assets that often change and evolve. For some organizations, making minor changes to a site page may be the quick fix your team needs to meet the mark on a business goal.

Why companies redesign their website?

If you are redesigning a website, redesign your website to solve a core business problem

A website redesign is ultimately an opportunity to start fresh and address a business problem or need. It’s not just about how your site looks — but rather how it works, who your audience is, how your team manages the site, and how easy it is to make changes. It’s also an opportunity to introduce necessary change to how your website functions — change that the entire organization can then shift toward and align around.

Who do you need to get a website designed and developed?

You don’t need an army but to get your copy, website visual design and navigation right, you need at least three experts.

  1. Copywriter
  2. Designer
  3. Developer

Even now I would say I am simplifying the team. So let’s see who do we need, not from a job title perspective, but from a job function perspective.

  1. A website strategist who can see through the business goals, audience and come up with the website information flow.
  2. Copywriter who can write catchy headlines which makes a visitor engaging and scrolling and ultimately drive towards the call to actions.
  3. A content writer who can write content about the brand, product or service you are selling.
  4. A designer who can visually make the website work. There is UX, UI and Visual Design to be considered here. If the designer can do some animations, interactions the better.
  5. An SEO expert who can figure out ways to bring potential customers to the website organically.
  6. A developer who can put it all together and take the website live.

Use your website as an opportunity to design a unique and characterised brand identity, one that stands out from a sea of sameness.

When we design and develop a website it will clearly show

  • Who you help as a brand
  • Problems you solve
  • How you do it
  • Proof that you have done for others
  • Pricing
  • How to reach out to you

If you have multiple customer micro segments, personalisation can take your website to the next level as well. A unique and clear message that will resonate with your customers immediately will keep them engaged. The faster the website, the better the sale as well. Also your website not necessarily need to give all the information, it is a very contextual decision.

What does we do as the Best Website Designing Company in Bangalore?

As one of the Best Website Designing and Development Company in Bangalore we will ensure that the your website will bring you customers. Every little design element and detail of the website is chosen with mindful care to drive more engagement with an aim to skyrocket the conversions. We as a top Website Designing Company in Bangalore we will make sure your website has a responsive, trendy design, crafted with customers placed in the centre to give a fitting representation to your business brand. Everything Design is a leading website development company in Bangalore, offers website designing solutions using webflow that create waves in the web world and return substantial results. Our team of professional designers has the finesse to render an impressive web presence with the delivery and deployment of robust websites and apps and has helped countless businesses have a meaningful online presence.

Our Services – Website Design, Website Development, SEO

Need some creative web design backed up with a secure content management system? Do you also require assistance with your content production, or some much-needed Search Engine Optimisation? Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered.

Explore our web services using the links below and get in touch when you want to know more. We’re always happy to talk.

I have written our website design and website development process in detail here.

Storytelling on the website communication

In short, the website design should answer three questions: 

  • Why Buy Anything?
  • Why Buy Now?
  • Why Buy You?

To conclude, what should a website say to a website visitor?

  • What do you do? 
  • Who do you do it for? 
  • What are the main benefits?
  • How do you do it? 
  • How does someone take the next step?

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