Website Analysis of Apps for Fitness Trainers from Conversion Perspective

How important webdesign is to sales? Websites and landing pages won't bring in business if they are designed poorly. Let's analyse UX & UI of 10 websites.


While searching for an app to help one of my client who is in the fitness training industry, I came across a blog which listed 10 Apps Personal Trainers can use to Improve Communication with Their Clients. 

I decided to review their website communication of all these portals from clients point of view, keeping the lead conversion in mind.

I was aware about Trainerize through Instagram and knew a couple of trainers who were happy using it. But since I wanted to do my own research before taking the decision, I first checked whether Trainerize is part of the listicle to ensure the credibility of this blog. The post was published in January 2019 and was recently revised for accuracy. It means they knew what they were doing.

Landing pages and websites are important for business of this kind as this is where potential clients come to understand more about the product before making the final decision. They will give no more than 10-15 seconds to decide whether to even consider it.

A landing page represents an opportunity. Your prospect or lead will either take advantage of it or they won’t. The landing page conversion rate tells you how well you’re doing.

It’s important that every landing page has an incentive. The conversion rate tells you how well your audience receives that incentive. A low landing page conversion rate indicates that there is something’s wrong in website communication. Maybe your headline or call-to-action (CTA) doesn’t resonate with your audience. Or perhaps the offer isn’t targeting your prospects at the right point in the conversion funnel.

The point is that you need to know your conversion rate to know when your page isn’t working. Then, you can fix it.

Crazy Egg

Note: I haven’t read the entire blog. I normally scan them and give more importance to the list. This was all done on a desktop. I haven’t done any in depth UI/UX analysis. The analysis is based on how a potential user might scan through the listed sites, scan being the keyword.

Website UX and UI Analysis

1. The Training Notebook (iOS)

As the heading said iOS I am already thinking to stay away from this app, as many of the clients will be having android phones and I don’t want them to miss out. Still I decided to check the website.

Section A – Above the Fold


Heading: Heading answers the question, who is this for? Clear Messaging saying, Just for Personal Trainers shows that it is a dedicated service. Most of the time dedicated services do a better job. So it is a good point to communicate.

CTA: 15 Days free trial. I think is less. It should be at least a month considering a client’s learning curve. Clients might not be ready to download the app at this point of time. So that button may not be very useful, unless your analytics says otherwise.

Imagery: Illustration is alright, but it’s not great. It shows a calendar and some random workouts, which isn’t communicating much to me. Your first fold is the first thing a potential client sees on a website, make it count.

Navigation bar: It is giving me quick access to other parts of the website, especially pricing, which is a good thing. Clients who want to know the pricing can straight away go to that section.

UI design: It is not giving me a good feeling. LOG IN button also has accessibility issues because of the gradient. This is not the first impression you would want to give to any potential client.

First impressions are crucial. If your “above the fold” website content doesn’t grab your visitors’ attention the second they land on your site, they won’t bother to stick around any longer. But if you get their attention, and they’ll stick around, subscribe, and buy.


SSL Certificate has not been showcased.

According to a study, using SSL certificate caused a 27% increase in sales for an online business.


Section BBelow the Fold


CTA: Watch Videos. The video button is an interesting element. These days with the low attention span, conveying the message with an interesting video is a good ides. However taking me to a new page of videos was not the right decision. You broke my flow on the home page before I reached any relevant information. Here you could give me a pop up video which tells me about the product in maybe a minute.

Heading: EASY, FAST, EFFICIENT, AFFORDABLE. This seems to the positioning of the app, which are just few words anyone can throw around.

Imagery: The image is not adding any value. It is very colourful and confusing. The only thing I can understand from this is that it works across various platforms.

Navigation Bar: I don’t a have access to it anymore. It is not a good practice.

Section C


Heading: Most Affordable & Simplest Personal Training Software. This positioning statement is comparatively better than the previous one. The list of features are too long. It is making it difficult for me to read even one.

I can see that the app is available for both iOS and Android – Now you got my attention. It is a valid point to communicate and the use of familiar icons is the right way to do it.

Imagery: I can see a calendar and login screen. It isn’t communicating anything to me. Here you can communicate to the visitor indirectly. Calendar as a feature is too generic. Login screen is obvious too. You are the opportunity to give visual cues to your potential clients.

Section D – Testimonials


Testimonials are a great way to communicate how can this app help your potential client. However we need to make sure people can read it as well. With lengthy testimonials and small font and off slide timing, it is not welcoming me to read it. I don’t even know how many are there.

The colour gradient on the name is not adding any value and it is causing readability issues. A good web design should use colour properly to create a beautiful and concise user interface.

Section E – Pricing


Heading: SAVE 32% WHEN YOU CHOOSE AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. There is no way for me to figure out this discount. Pricing and comparison between the plans is important to communicate. This website failed at it terribly. Percentage makes it difficult for the customer to calculate the actual price.

It shows 4 plans – 15 days free trail, 10 clients, 20 clients, Unlimited. You shouldn’t have showcased free plan here. Showing how much it costs me monthly for an yearly plans is a good idea. I see that feature wise there is no difference between the plans. It is about the number of clients. You could have simply told me how much it is costing me per client?

You need to arrange these in way that is easily understandable. With this layout you are just creating hurdles for your potential client in understanding your pricing and plans.

Section F  Blog


Blogs are a great way to establish credibility on any website. But this doesn’t mean that just setting up a blog will automatically add credibility. 

Imagery: Looking at these images, there is no way I will even bother to try this app. You lost me here completely. In reality it may be wrong, this app might be the best. However, the website’s design is giving me is negative perception.



For the first time the brand identity sort of showed up here. As the social media links were kept prominent I thought to check the Instagram page. The Instagram page also did not surprise me. I didn’t feel like checking the website further. There you lost a sale.


In the footer you stated, “Built by a trainer for a trainer”. This information is buried deep in the website.

According to a research at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, when viewing a website users form first impressions within few milliseconds and their first impressions are highly affected by several design factors like use of colours, typeface and font size, use of images, and easy navigation.


This is your story. You need to communicate it better and louder. The website lacks storytelling even after having one. The branding and design is not giving me enough confidence to at least give this app a shot.

The pricing section needs to be fixed immediately. Imagery and copy writing needs more work. Call to Actions at the right sections with the right communication can improve the business a lot.

The video button can be above the fold. On clicking, a pop up can viewers the benefits of the app. The available videos are not interesting. The only thing I can recall is calendar from the website. Lack of branding and brand guidelines is clearly making this website suffer.

Users often leave Web pages in 10–20 seconds, but pages with a clear value proposition can hold people’s attention for much longer. To gain several minutes of user attention, you must clearly communicate your value proposition within 10 seconds.

Nielsen Norman Group

2. Coach Pro (iOS)

The link directly took me to the App Store page. There is no website. However, considering the rating 1.7/5 and by looking at the screenshots of the app I didn’t feel like trying the app.

I found the website later. I guess they are no longer in this business.

Coach Pro Website Home Page Design

3. GAIN Trainer (iOS)

It says iOS which isn’t something that I want to try.

Section A – Above the Fold


Imagery: There are two images on the first fold. The image on the app shows how bad the app’s UI is and the background showcases just a random image. A good web design should have readable text and meaningful pictures.

Heading: Digital Personal Training Apps. Easy-to-Use. The heading says ‘Apps’. I am assuming that they have a collection of apps to choose from, which I think is wrong communication.

Branding: Gain Fitness also failed to give any importance to the branding. No proper brand guidelines or typography is visible on the website.

Stressing on the same point – Above the fold communication determines whether a person sticks to the website for more information or move to the next one.

Section BBelow the Fold


Heading: Everyone should have a personal trainer – The communication sounds like the target audience is end users of trainers. I am not sure whether that is the primary target audience.

List: The next sub section is communicating the benefits for the trainers. Without good use of typography and iconography the messaging is not coming through.

Section C – Our Story


Not sure what is the ‘Coming Soon’ section about. This is definitely not going to make me come back.

Imagery: Again irrelevant imagery with very high section height for no reason. This is the most boring way anyone can tell about their story. If you simply left align the text, two more people might read it.

Section D – App for Trainers App for Clients


This section communicates that there are two sides to the app, which is good. But the copy is not good enough to convey the message which it is supposed to.

Section E – Our Exercise Library


You took so many sections to inform me that this platform gives me an option to access the library. To me it should be one the main selling point.

Section F – Testimonials

Bad use of colours is creating readability issues. Without the usage of any client imagery, it is difficult for me to trust the reviews.

Section G – Pricing


You took too long to tell me that the first client is always free. Many software companies see outstanding results with the free trial business model. However you need to figure out the time period based on various factors. Many people don’t make a purchase because they are not sure about how the product will benefit them. Free trails overcome that barrier. For any app there is a learning curve.

Design: The section design is very poor. The use of image to showcase the pricing will definitely cause screen responsiveness issues. It is bad for SEO too.

This platform is offering the same features to everyone. The pricing difference is only based on the number of clients. At least here someone thought to add a feature to tell the clients about cost of a trainer per client. However, the implementation went wrong. On one end of the image it says $4/client/month and other end says $2/client/month and in the middle it says ‘Average’. Really? How lazy can you get? Also 15 client x $2 should be $30. The calculation is also wrong.



It clearly states that the app is not available for Android. A better way to communicate the same will be to state, when people can expect the Android version.

Writing a good microcopy in your app is just as important as having the app work properly and the user interface being easy and efficient to use. I checked their Instagram page too. It stated that the app is in beta stage. They should have stated the same in the website also. Communication is the key element in any business. If you tell your users you are in beta, they will let go off your mistakes.

Design with care. Each minor detail in your app’s UI deserves close attention because UX is the sum of all details working harmoniously:

UX Planet


They needs to invest in branding and follow guidelines to consistently communicate the same message across all platforms. I missed the positioning statement ‘Built by trainers, for trainers‘ completely while browsing through the website. There is a story section which people will rarely read because of the bad layout. If you have a compelling story, say it out loud. Let people connect to it.

Pricing table needs to be completely revamped. There is no navigation bar on the website. Typography is not bold at all.

5 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website

– If They Don’t Get What They Expect
– When It Isn’t Usable
– When They Don’t Know What to Do – A common mistake is to give people too much information.
– If They Suspect You Aren’t Being Genuine
– When You Fail to Impress or Inspire

4. FitSW (iOS)

Above the Fold

FitSw Website UX Design Analysis

Imagery: Decent use of Imagery. The graphs on the app represents a feature that I might want to use. It showcases trainers, whom the target audience will relate to.

Microcopy: Create Free Account. No credit card required. Cancel any time. This is a great way to make a potential client try your product.

Heading: Software For Personal Trainers. The word ‘software’ confused me a bit. But since the imagery is showing an app, I continued to check out the website.

Navigation Bar: Features, Pricing, FAQ Try FitSW for Free. Necessary menu items are present, which makes the website navigation easy.

Chat option is helpful for a potential client to reach out and clear doubts if any. Design is all about making it easy for the user to achieve their goal. This website has definitely been built by someone who knows principles of UI.

Below the Fold  Section B


Build Custom Workouts, Plan Meals, Track Progress, and more!  Clear Message. Benefits are clearly showcased. Good use of imagery, iconography and and copy writing. So far good.

Section C – Testimonials


We’ve Helped Over 10,000 Coaches Grow Their Business . Clear Message

3 short and precise testimonials with client images immediately brings in trust.

No matter what product you are selling, the benefit to your customer is a better version of themselves.  This is why it is so important to understand who your ideal customer is, what questions they have, and how you can help them.


Section D


A Complete Solution for Your Business. Reassuring that this is the best solution for you.

Section E


Heading: Available On Any Device. This adds on to the reasons for me to consider the platform.

Navigation Bar: Hiding the navigation bar while scrolling down and showing the navigation while scrolling back up is good practice.



CTA: Create Free Account. Clear CTA

You could have showcased the blogs as cards.


This is the only website so far which I find trustworthy and will consider. The design of the pricing page is good. It helps the clients in decision making by enabling them to easily compare the available options. If you add the cost per client, it will be helpful for the trainer to understand the amount they would invest on each client. This is something that every trainer will be concerned about.

5. Vagaro

Above the Fold

Vagaro Website Design Analysis

Heading: Salon, Spa & Fitness Software. Vagaro is a powerful scheduling and management software for your business. When you say ‘scheduling and management’ I am not sure whether you will cover all my needs. For salon and spa it might me enough, but I need more things.


The fitness section makes me feel that the platform is for gyms and studios. So I didn’t spend much time in checking this app.

However, the use of video and clear heading with CTAs is really good. The chat bot is also present to engage potential clients.

In this website, when you click on the logo you get a drop down menu. It is a standard practice that the logo acts as a home button. One thing designers need to understand is once people gets used to something and then if you break the flow, users get confused and move on to other available options. Also the navigation system in the website is very confusing. It is very difficult to understand where you are and reach where you want to go.

Off topic, I came across the CEO’s message in regards to COVID-19 and read many comments from the customers. I must say they care about their customers. Good work.

6. PTminder Software

Section A – Above the Fold


Heading: Train your clients online Virtual training software for Personal Trainers . Clear messaging. If I am a personal trainer, the website is actually talking to me.

CTA: Watch Video. I am not sure about the voice, but the video is communicating to the trainer in a language that they can understand. However, the video gave me an impression that the app is for personal trainers who train the clients in a gym and not online.

Video: Video plays in a pop. It does not taking you to a new page which is the right approach.

Navigation Bar: Pricing is shown upfront, which is a good. However, the menu is not visible after I scroll down.


CTA: Get Started brought me to this page. I was not ready to leave the page yet, but the button forced me. In these kind of situations, it is advisable to use a pop up so that the visitor can easily close it and be on the same page.

The use of testimonials here is a good idea. The conversion rate may increase. But since there are too many fields to fill at the initial step, visitors might not choose to fill the form.

Section B – Below the Fold

PT Minder Website Design Analysis

Good use of form with the free trail CTA. However, once I enter the email it takes me to the previous form to fill all the details straight away.

Section C – Below the Fold


Not sure what those three logos with no context doing in the middle.

Website Imagery: Stock images will always look like stock images and will not fit in mostly.

Section D – Below the Fold


Heading: Everything you need to run your PT business. The feature list is alright but they are not motivating me to explore more.

CTA: The button is getting blended with the rest of the page. There isn’t enough contrast to make it prominent.

Section DBelow the Fold

PT Minder Website Design Analysis Pricing Section

Not sure whether these sections are adding any value. I would rather like to see pricing on the home page.

Section E – Testimonials


The design of testimonial section can be enhanced by increasing images size to establish emotional connect with users. Next section has only one testimonial. It is making the page look incomplete. You should either remove it or showcase two more.

Section F – Achievements


The cards with stats is a good way to establish credibility. Also the use of odd numbers shows accuracy. Great job there.

Section G – Engagement


Guide, Quiz and Checklist. This is a great idea to engage potential clients. However its location and representation is definitely affecting the conversation rates.

I am surprised with the fact that none of these websites is giving me any pop ups when I am about the leave the website.

Section H – Footer


Ending a rather long website with a CTA is a good. Overall the website is simple and neat. However, there are a lot things that can be improved for better conversion rates.



One common trend I notice in all the websites is showcasing price based on number of the clients only. This is not the right way to feature development. A trainer with 200 clients will need different operational support. Developing app features based on it and showing package and price accordingly will be a better way to go about it.

In this case also pricing table is not thought through. This was the only page where I noticed “no credit card required” for the trail. This message needs to be communicated wherever you offer free trials. The use of currency conversation may be a good feature if the target is worldwide.

7. Trainerize Software

Section A – Above the Fold

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Trainerize

Heading: Deliver on-demand and video workouts. Sounds like a good proposition, especially the video part.

Copy: Not easy to read as it in uppercase.

CTA: The free trail plan is good, but the copy is so small that font colour is also not helping to communicate it.

Imagery: Not very great considering the fact that you have a focus on video delivery. The microcopy, nice job you are crushing your goal for today is interesting.

Nav Bar: Pricing and Features are present, however grey colour is causing readability issue. A better brand guideline needs be be followed.

Section B – Below the Fold

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Trainerize Below the Fold

Heading should have been there in the first fold, however the animation doesn’t start until I scroll.

It communicates that the app will help you to go online, digital and worldwide.

The logos are not making any sense to me as I am not familiar with any of them. If your potential clients are global you need to look into whether the visuals used in your website are conveying anything meaningful to them.

Heading: Tap into new revenue streams. It is a great copy to catch users attention as every trainer would be interested in it. But you forgot to mention how. Maybe you meant by online trainings. This is something that you need to figure out from research, how many of your visitors are already online trainers? Is the copy relevant to them? etc.

Imagery: Not relevant

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Trainerize Features

Heading: Train, motivate and connect. Certainly every online trainer needs this. Good copy to engage clients. Trainers who have done online trainings understand how important it is. So, are you targeting online trainers only?

Imagery: Could be better. Motivate, how? Show it.

Section CBelow the Fold

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Trainerize Features List

Section DBelow the Fold

Proof: If you add few images with the number of people who have benefited, this section will prove to be more fruitful for you.

Section EBelow the Fold

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Features
Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Features

Shows the app is futuristic with possible integrations you may want to have. However if you can back it up with some real world examples it would be better. Also right now I can’t see them all at once, making a user to click buttons unnecessarily may not be a good idea.

Section FBelow the Fold

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App CTA

CTA: Clear call to action. If you switch the image location with the form I am sure there will be an increase in sign ups.

CTA 2: It is getting lost because of the location and representation style. A good way to generate a lead though.

Section GBelow the Fold

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Footer

As seen in is a good way to establish credibility. It will be good if you can add those links to the website in case people want to read more or verify the sources.


The independent trainers page was a good idea to attract customers. It is better to direct people from the home page to that section as soon as possible. The current nav bar is not helping here.


Heading: Great copy. Get started or get ahead.

More freedom to do what you love. You are selling freedom, I will buy it. However, the micro copy did not make much sense to me. I don’t think that is the right thing to say.

Imagery: You can use a lot better image.

Showing pricing section in this page is a good idea.

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Pricing

I can see what is included in each plan, though I am finding it difficult to compare two plans. The free plan can be removed from here. This will give you more space to redesign this section.

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Features Trainer

This section explains how it is useful for me as an individual trainer which is a great way to get a potential client’s attention. However, the representation is not very appealing. The orange icons are popping out and I am not able to pay attention to the text. I can see no story here.

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Blog

A page with case studies. I don’t think people are leveraging this as much as they should. Your clients would like to see how people who they can relate to made their business better using the app.

Overall the landing is decent. But before signing up for the trail I would like to see some videos showing your USP. Brands need to understand that even though you are giving the free trail, client is also making a commitment of 30 days to learn something new. If it didn’t end up learning something useful, they wasted those 30 days.

I am not sure your platform does trainerize support as well. You didn’t communicate that to me.


Section A – Above the Fold

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Mindbody

I landed here from the blog but when I googled mind body I came across a different page. Let analyse this one as it looks way better than previous one. That must be a landing page that they would have used in the past while running an ad.

Landing Page Analysis Fitness App Mindbody Homepage

Clear messaging and neat layout. I am sure that they are following the brand guidelines properly.

The background image is showing only on hover, delivering the message just in time. But since the two sections are for two different products, Explore the software button needs to be given equal weightage in terms of graphics. Current way of representation is making it look like a secondary button.

Section B – Home Page (Mind body Business)

Website Page Analysis Fitness App Mindbody Homepage

Imagery: Perfect example of focusing the story on customer while using your product.

Heading: Perfect heading Keep your clients moving with video.

Navbar: Well designed navigation bar. The first website to use breadcrumbs. I can see a mistake “book a class or appointment”. It completely threw me off. It takes you to the other section on the landing page. It’s a distraction. The dropdown menu opens on a click and not on hover, which is not a great UX.

Staff Log In conveys that this software is only for business with staffs and not for individual personal trainers. If that is the case, this is completely fine.

Website Page Analysis Fitness App Mindbody Form Home Page

Heading: We’ll set up a personalised demo just for you. Copy at its best I would say. Personalised and just for you, well what more will a client want! The button says Let’s Talk and not Submit. UX Writing at its best. I am not sure why they removed the testimonials from here, which was present on the home page along with the form.

The testimonials just next to the form is definitely making more people to sign up. They are missing photographs though.

Section C – Pricing Page


The pricing get stuck on top, enabling me compare the plans easily. User experience has been taken care of.

This platform is not something that I am looking for as this is meant for people who want to be in a platform and for studios.

Website Page Analysis Fitness App Mindbody Contact Page

It has the best pricing page I have seen so far. They have also provided sales support along with the pricing.

Instead of keeping the section hidden, showing the copy Talk to an expert with the image loud and bold is a good idea.

Website Page Analysis Fitness App Mindbody Form Page
Website Page Analysis Fitness App Mindbody Form Page

The pricing page has a form along with an FAQ section.

Get Started Demo Page Design Mindbody

Get a Demo page is a conversational. The contact sales, view global phone numbers is conveying that Mindbody is global.


A lot of thought has gone into the website design. Whoever lands up on the pricing page would at least set up a demo. That is what the website is supposed to do, generate leads. From there the sales team can take over. The website is doing almost everything to give up my email id. The website is certainly able to build trust and position the brand in a way that clients can rely on.

From their Instagram page it is clear that they are doing well. But that social proof element is missing in the website.

9. Coach’s Eye

Section A – Above the Fold

Landing page conversion analysis for Fitness Website Coach's Eye

Clearly this app is not something I would be interested in. It is for coaches who train athletes. The messaging is very clear at the first fold itself.

CTA, Watch Video has been nicely represented in a pop up. Without taking me away from the page the website managed to show me a video to explain how can it help. But it is too early to put the Buy Now button here. If you add that along with the navigation bar, most of the time it makes sense as the visitor can access it anytime.

Landing page conversion analysis for Fitness Website

Backing the product feature with a testimonial is a good practice. Adding the designation and firm along with the image of the person is building the credibility.

Landing page conversion analysis for Fitness App
Landing page conversion analysis for Fitness App Pricing

Pricing page is not designed properly. I have no way to compare options here. Giving an expensive monthly plan and keeping the yearly plan cheaper can work better sometimes. Anchoring price can help optimise your mix and trading up of customer purchases.


As I am not interested in this product, I did not pay much attention to it. However, the website looks like an average product with some features which may work out. That is definitely not the perception you would like to give to your potential customer.

10. My PT Hub

Section A – Above the Fold

My PT Hub Website UI UX Review

Heading: Try The World’s #1 Software For Coaches, Personal Trainers & Clubs. Target audience has been defined clearly.

CTA: Start 30 Day Free Trail. No credit card required, cancel anytime. CTA with the action keyword Start is helping to more business. Also the time period of 30 days and allowing sign ups without asking for credit card details is increasing the chances of sign up. A better way to achieve this is to give a space to enter the email and a button to submit it.

When users see a new form, they first estimate how much time is might be required to complete it. So, even if the signup is for free trail make it easy for a user to sign up.

Form Design : Best Practices For Mobile Form Design

Imagery: There is nothing great about the image. A better and relevant image can be used.

Navigation Bar: Features, Pricing, Customers. A perfect combination. Before making purchase customers would want to know the features, pricing and go through the testimonials. Helping them reach them easily is the best thing you could have done. However, I am not sure whether you are following the brand guidelines.

Help visitors reach from where they are to where they want to be as quickly as possible. Create a page where people find the information they are looking for, easily.

Chat bot is present, but it is not conversational. You should work on it.

Section BBelow the Fold

My-PT-Hub-Website-UI-UX-Review-Landing Page

Here you are wasting a lot of space for no reason. The imagery is just getting extended from the first fold.

Section C

My PT Hub Website Design UI UX Review

Client list and statistics are getting mixed because of the colour palette and getting lost.

Note: Gestalt Principles – Common Fate: We group elements that move in the same direction.

Heading What is My PT Hub? Any visitor would want to know this. However, the font size can be increased for better readability.

Section D – Features


Explaining what the app is about via videos is a great way of engaging your potential clients.

Section E – Features

My PT Hub Website Design UI UX App

Heading: Design, build and grow your fitness business.

Imagery: All four images are well positioned to explains the listed features. People are familiar with the original colours of the app store and play store icons, so using them will be a better way of representation.

Section E – Features

My PT Hub Website Design UI UX App Features

Heading: 1,000’s of plans just a click away. The card shows how easy the whole process becomes because of the available packages. However, the microcopy can be framed better here.

Cards: I can see three cards at a time, however it is a slideshow. Absence of arrows or dots makes it difficult for the user in understanding that.

Section E – Siri

My PT Hub Website Design UI UX App Siri

Presence of such technologies shows how forward thinking the app is. It builds a perceived value.

Section E – Customers


Testimonials: Video testimonials are a lot more credible than written ones. The check out more customers shows that they are more such examples.

Section E – Customers


CTA: Start 30 Day FREE Trail . Clear and prominent.


I will consider this option as the overall look and feel of the website gives me the vibe of a superior platform.


Pricing was on a separate page, which may be is a good thing.

Heading: As the title of the page says Simple Pricing, there are two well defined and clearly communicated plans.

You should give me an idea on how much I will be spending per client. It will be better to show how much I will be saving a month if I pay annually. It shows 25%, but not everybody is good with calculations. It is our responsibility to make things easier for the client to make final decision.

So here you can say 36.75/month when billed annually. And also $0.92/client if you have 40 clients.

My PT Hub is 100% free for your clients. We will never charge them! – Good use of micro copy.

You need to foresee the user flow and design the page accordingly so that you can influence their actions.

Methods to influence users’ behavior by Adam Fard

  • Use social proof like testimonials
  • Follow the peak-end rule. It is a psychological heuristic that looks at how people remember an experience. Did the potential client leave the website with an experience s/he would want to remember?
    “People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” _Maya Angelou
  • Try gifting to motivate users to try new products. Offering free samples of your new product will make users more inclined to give it a go. This approach allows users to try before they commit. If they like the free product, they will be more likely to look into your other products.
  • Spark curiosity
  • Offer delights
    • Intuitive flow. Make sure your users enjoy using your product by enabling them achieve their objectives easily and comfortably on their own, with little or no assistance.
    • Personality. Every design has its own personality in the form of typography, colours, graphics, and other design elements. Adding your personal touch helps increase influence.
    • Functionality. Prioritise usability when designing your product to ensure the product is easy to use and provides an overall delightful experience.
    • Humanisation. Allow users to connect to your product emotionally by developing a more human experience for users, such as offering face recognition or a voice user interface.

How to design a website to sell your product or service?

Don’t annoy them while they are on the website. They will leave. Have a hierarchy so that users know the order in which they should be going through the images and copy. Don’t put everything you want to tell to the potential client at once. It causes information overload.

Above the fold is to grab that quick attention, but most of the reading happens below the fold. So getting that first three fold is very crucial. Consider the information relevant to a visitor! Prioritise and put more important things at first. An average person gives 15 secs to a website to communicate.

Don’t make people search for the menu. You get user’s attention for very short period, so you don’t have much time to play around. People don’t mind you selling them stuff as long as it an honest sell.

People want to know benefits, costs, options and warranty as soon as they realise that they need your offerings.

Movement of objects, imagery, illustrations, people, language catch user’s attention and evoke emotions in their brain while they are going through the website. A human’s image can suddenly make things personal. Your design should help the user focus. Faces naturally gets attention.

When looking at a graphic people generally scan for key features. Communicate them well.


  • Who visits the site?
  • What
    • do they want to do?
    • do they want to know first?
    • information do they want next?
    • do they know already?
    • can be tucked away for later? Learn about just-in-time delivery.
  • How can we chunk the information?

When a visitors comes to a website they are immersed in a completely new world. It can be overwhelming to them. So each word/element should earn its place on the screen by adding clear value for this precise moment.

Eight basic principles of screen design by UX Studio

  1. The three questions all screens need to give an answer to
  2. The importance of visual hierarchy
  3. The copy is part of the design
  4. Conventions are important, we should use them
  5. When designing for the mobile phone, we design for our hands too
  6. Pay attention to the effective surface area ratio
  7. Aim at simplicity and transparency
  8. Be careful with animations and motion

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The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages

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