How to Integrate HotJar with Webflow?

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Before we start, let us understand what is HotJar and how hotjar works!

What is HotJar?

Let us assume an example when an end-user or customer visits the website, when we go through the website we click things on the website and go through it, so here comes hotjar. It is a software or web-based application used to track the website so the owner or the admin can see where the users are clicking often and where the users are not clicking, also which pages the user stays more at, and what part of the page users go to every time once they come to the website. 

So, we can say that hotjar is used to understand how users behave on your site, what they need, and how they feel, fast.

Features of Hotjar:

  • Heatmaps
  • Recordings


Heatmap is like an infrared camera, once the camera sees humans, it can detect the object, similar to a  heat map there is a heat point which indicates the number of users which have clicked at that place frequently. 

Heatmaps visually represent where users click, move, and scroll on your site.


Example of recording can be how we record videos using electronic devices, which store the record of what we do. In hot jar it stores what the user clicked and was doing on the website.

Recordings are playbacks of users scrolling, moving, u-turning, and rage clicking on your site.

How to integrate HotJar with webflow?


  • Copy the tracking Code from hotjar
  • In Webflow, go to the project settings
  • Then go to the custom Code 
  • Paste the Code in Webflow head code
  • Click Save changes
  • Now Publish your website to your domain

To verify whether you have installer hotjar in your Webflow website can be done in website

The heatmap can be downloaded in the form of csv and jpg, we can use more than one filter in heatmap using ‘AND’ Logic.

What are the advantages of HotJar integration with Webflow?

  1. Hotjar makes sure where the user clicks on your website and where the user does not click, so that the website owners can do the changing and push their website. 
  2. It takes less time
  3. Scalability increases
  4. Easy to pinpoint the errors of the website 
  5. Easy integration with tracking code 
  6. Download can be done as CSV and jpg in heatmaps
  7. Recording can be downloaded as video format

Final Thoughts

In my thoughts using hotjar is very essential for marketing and increasing the SEO of a website. We can check where the user is not engaging in the website and change layout/content accordingly. The biggest advantage is showcasing where there are more number of users clicking on or engaging at, as there shall be more heat. It is very easy to integrate Hotjar which with a simple line of code, can be used for the whole website or for each page. This gives us detailed data about each page where the user goes or does not go through on the website.

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