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Everything Design, a b2b website design agency in Bangalore launched Entropik’s website in Feb 2023. The website was developed in Webflow, migrated from WordPress.

Entropik’s Emotion AI Technologies aid in the faster, UNBIASED decision-making for teams working on consumer research, insights, design, and product development.

What was the process taken for this B2B Brand’s Website Redesign and Development?

We studied the offerings of Entropik and also what the brand stands for. We also looked into other competitor websites, websites from similar industry and how they are communicating.

We build few concepts and strategy. From there we build 3 visual routes. On approval we went ahead to create a Stylescape.

Why webflow was used for the website development?

Entropik was using wordpress in the past and it was giving them so many troubles including loading speed.

So for the new website we went ahead with Webflow as the development platform.

Webflow Website Link

We are currently working on the product experience pages.

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