Botim rebranded as Ultra App and Launched New Website



BOTIM wants to replace most your mobile apps with one ultra app.

BOTIM  is MENA’s largest consumer platform with 140M+ users across 150 countries.

The Botim Ultra App redefines user experience and has a wider range of services:

The most loved & trustedcommunication app, Botim has transformed into an ultra platform. The new intuitive interface and advanced features aim at making your life easier, better and rewarding.

Botim Money

Botim Money – the first GPT-powered money in chat service with a payment system for peer-to-peer transactions, and international transfers, with plans to add micro-lending

Botim Stores

Botim Stores -a new way to e-commerce “conversational commerce” provides access to 100,000+ stores.

Botim Smart

Botim Smart – You can now renew your driving license, pay for parking and traffic fines, get your Emirates ID issued and more all in one place.Download Botim today and get work done from the comfort of your home.

Botim Connect – Join Botim today, and experience the power of free video and voice calling.

Botim Home – Whether you need a handyman, grooming services at home, or someone to clean up your home, simply book on Botim.

Botim More – We offer a diverse range of services, including steps tracking, games, and even Quran features.

The much-awaited launch of the Botim Ultra App at the Museum of the Future was a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and technology, paving the way for us to announce that we are no longer just a communications app. 
Along with insightful panel discussions, fireside chats & keynotes, Botim GPT, Botim Stores, Botim Money, the new App UI, and the all-new brand rollout were a few key highlights of the evening!

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