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Website Design done by most agencies – it’s just another project for them. It is not only the agency’s fault, brands push agencies and they end up listening to them since they also have bills to pay and need projects. Without expert help if your brand is getting a website done, you are making a huge mistake, the chances of that website doing its purpose is very narrow.

A lot of shortcuts, templates, lack of research, lack of business understanding, lack of insighting, lack of budget – finally leads to another website which fails to communicate to your ideal customer profile.

The amount of money you are leaving on the table since your website didn’t communicate what it should is huge.

Let’s be honest: most B2B branding and websites are not interesting. Yes, B2B websites and B2C websites are different, B2B as it says communicates to business, but that does not mean it has to be any less interesting or boring.

It’s often general statements and basic definitions, wrapped in complex words and promises anyone can make. The team working with the agency on the website project is very important for the success of a website project. If the team is not knowledgeable, it can lead to an “it’s good enough” mindset and push around agencies.

Website designers can be storytellers and interpreters. They’re not just here to serve lead gen. They’re here to make their customers and audience the stars of the show. To do that, they can’t be relegated to keyword research and ill-conceived gated assets. And when I say website designers – it’s a team of many skill sets. A good website needs a good amount of research, good copywriting, great visual design and solid development in a tool like webflow.

If you need to make something really appealing then a set of animators and front end coders.

That is why Everything Design is one of the best website development companies you can rely on. There isn’t website visual design or website development  and then everything else—there’s strategic, engaging content and design that connects to business, your product or service and everything else. A good website even helps you to attract better talent. And if you have access to better talent it eventually builds the brand and products.

Why should you choose Everything Design as your web development company?

A great web development company can give you what you need to bring your business in front of your potential customers and all other stakeholders in the form of a website in the best way possible.

We are not here to add more projects, we are here to work with a handful of clients – founders and marketing team who want a website to take the business forward. Our team is so much better than us, the founders at so many things and we believe that is the only way to deliver the best possible output – web design and branding.

It’s fun to  work with interesting people on interesting projects. 

It’s even more fun to work with other people to deliver the best possible website design and branding for our clients—and give ourselves and our time the right work/life balance in the process. We’re started small, and we are now growing, so does our team and our clients.

What can you expect from Everything Design as a Web Design Agency? 


We have that reputation in the industry and we are going to keep it that way. We are proud about all the work we have done so far and went live. Our testimonials will support this, if we want to be known for one thing, that is accountability. Like Mr. Sharan from Ximakart reviewed us, we are problem solvers and we figure out and deliver.

One of the reasons we decided to use webflow as our tech stack is also because we want the perfect for our clients. Webflow is one the best tech stack right now available in the market, which is also accountable.

We will be looking for opportunities to work on some cool websites with some interesting people for some great brands. 

But, in this next year, we’ll also be focused on:

Our mission: Make B2B Brand Communications Interesting – that includes web design and web development. No two websites are the same, and no two websites we do will look or communicate the same.

Our team: We have an amazing team who can deliver brilliant web development – a team of designers, copywriters, webflow developers and animators. And our research is not done by an intern for the sake of it. Our webflow team is always upgrading themselves to keep themselves updated to deliver the best output. We recreate websites which are done by others in webflow. That helps us to learn constantly. That makes us webflow experts in Bangalore.

We have an amazing team who can deliver brilliant web development - a team of designers, copywriters, webflow developers and animators.

Our process: We are fairly organized, but we are only going to get better. We are putting systems in place, but with enough room to make mistakes, learn, improve and explore. 

Everything Design is a Branding Agency who can build great websites.

Review about Everything Design’s Website Design Quality 

We recently took two testimonial videos to show you how good we are in web development and branding. Sharan, founder of Ximkart tells the story of how they decided to rebrand their company, and why it was important. He says that when they started, they always had branding in the back of their mind, and that it is “super important” with a clear message. In this video he talks about how the Ximkart team worked with the Everything Design  team to create logos and a theme for their business and website. The experience was good overall, and he liked the fact that the senior team’s involvement in the project and amazing output.

i3systems’ Branding and Website project was one of our first branding and website project when we started Everything Design – a Branding and Website Agency for B2B Companies.

Why is a great website important for your business?

A B2B website is a workhorse with multiple responsibilities — but its main goal is to convert prospects into customers. 

A good product is not enough for your business to grow. You need a website that:

  • Positions your product above all the competition and differentiate from the competition
  • Generates qualified leads consistently and does the job of a great salesperson
  • Speaks to your audience and shows the true value of your product

If your website is not doing this it is hurting your business growth, more than you think.

Why websites done by Everything Design will help your business to grow?

Most websites try to force every visitor to convert. But we all know as much as we want that to happen it won’t. The website should make someone want to take a demo, book a call, fill a form, a free trial or even a paid sign-up, not force them.

When you’re selling higher ticket B2B solutions you should also want to repel poor-fit prospects and ATTRACT great fit ones, the ideal customer profile, the people who can afford and get value from your offer.

Transparency is a winner for your b2b website design.

A pricing page, FAQs, who you help and case studies, get those right from the research, your website will do wonders for your business.

While creating the website strategy and website messaging, ask – does the audience actually understand what we really do?

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