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An award-winning
Chef Anand George, after the ground-breaking success of his popular restaurant Purple Poppadom, brings to you Tukka Tuk, with Indian Street Food in all its vibrance and glory to Goodsheds in Barry, UK.

Client: Anand George

Tukka Tuk Branding Process
A new brand identity for Tukka Tuk, the UK’s new customer-focused street food outlet where fresh modern twists on traditional Indian cusisine is served.
The space was zoned keeping flexibility in mind, where a customer could walk in and get a quick takeaway or spend a whole day using it as a hangout space. Hence the design language is understated with elements of interest popping in spurts.
Tukka Tuk Branding Process
Menu Design Tukka Tuk
Tukka Tuk Brand Space Wall Graphics
Tukka Tuk Space Layout

  • Menu Design
  • Wall Graphics
  • Space Design
Finger Chips Animation Tukka Tuk
Tukka Tuk Facade Design

Fresh modern twists on traditional Indian cuisine

The Menu

Alongside the infamous Kerala Fried Chicken and Bombay Fries, you can also experience mouth-watering short eats – Lamb Rolls, Jackfruit Cutlets and premier new edition to the menu – “Kothu”

Combination of the traditional with the new

heart of everything

Amazing Indian Street Food

Have you been to Goodsheds in Barry yet?  Did you hear the ‘Tukka Tuk’ ‘Tukka Tuk’ noise coming out of the colourful stall here? In case you don’t know what that is, that’s @anand_george_ cooking Kothu with lamb or mushroom and here what it sounds like 😀😀🤗 

Magic in the


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