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To create a memorable and seamless eatery brand and outlet, which resonates with the youth and becomes a warm and welcoming hangout space in Bangalore.

Client: Buzzzcraft

Tapas Brand Design Process
Simple, minimalistic, cool and young, this logo establishes Tapas as a place that brings a smile in your plate by giving you a wholesome experience. The colours are neutral with a highlight of green cuing in freshness factor.
The space was zoned keeping flexibility in mind, where a customer could walk in and get a quick takeaway or spend a whole day using it as a hangout space. Hence the design language is understated with elements of interest popping in spurts.
Tapas Space Design Process
coffee shop branding tapas eatery facade design
Space Layout
coffee shop branding tapas eatery facade design packaging design
Bread Food Photography Tapas Eatery Bangalore

  • Facade Design
  • Space Layout
  • Packaging Design
  • Food Photography
Tapas Eatery Menu Design Bangalore

Building a truly happy place to hangout in Bangalore

This is how we ROLL

Koramangala has the highest number of restaurants in Bangalore. The main foodies live in BTM and Koramangala.

Quick Bites restaurants in Bangalore


QSR is an evergreen business

People tend to incline towards something which fits their pocket at the same time fills their tummy.

Good food is always a


Tapas as a brand spoke the language of the young working professional and college goer. It was purposefully simplistic to create a sense of approachability and relatability. Often the job of a designer is to simplify and make an identity part of the customers vocabulary.

Ekta, Lead Designer

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