Tips on how to shoot better B-Roll

Shooting B-Roll, and shooting the right B-Roll is an integral part to telling your story. It makes ALL the difference.


How To Get The BEST DANG BROLL from Matti Haapoja

  1. Plan your shoot: Don’t show up on set without a plan for your b-roll. Ask yourself what kinds of shots you’re going to get and what gear you’re going to need to get them.
  2. Coverage: Get all sorts of angles and shot sizes, from wide angles to extreme close-ups. Getting plenty of coverage will save your buns once you get into post.
  3. Be creative: Shooting b-roll is a great opportunity to get creative with your cinematography, so try new compositions, camera movements, etc.
  4. Take your time: Don’t underestimate the importance of b-roll. It can make an otherwise dull piece really interesting, so don’t slack off when shooting it.
  5. Make time for it: Again, b-roll is important, so don’t save it for the last few minutes of your shoot to capture it.

Step up your Filmmaking : The Importance Of B-Roll from Peter McKinnon

Shooting B-Roll, and shooting the right B-Roll is an integral part to telling your story. It makes all the difference.

How to create CINEMATIC SOUND for your B-ROLL from Cinecom

How Peter McKinnon edit B Roll and Sound Design

The Biggest B-Roll Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting on the Run – Premium Beat

  1. Not Holding on Shots Long Enough
  2. No Entrance or Exit to the Shot
  3. Not Giving Style Options
  4. Flat Backgrounds and Compositions
  5. Sticking to One Depth of Field

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